The primary necessity of the human being is Taalim (Education) for the overall development after food. In its broad sense any action has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical ability of an individual. Education is the process by which society transmits its accumulated Taalim, knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Hence we are doing our best to give good quality education in our schools & colleges.


» Establishment of educational institutions (colleges like Medical, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Engineering, Education, Industrial Training, primary to higher secondary Schools etc.)

»  Organize conferences, symposia, workshops and research circles and educational debates and competition etc. for educational and socio-economic development of the society.

»  Publication and free distribution of books, magazines, brochures, reports, leaflets, conduct of exhibitions and multimedia materials for human development and their overall progress.

»  We are providing proper and free technical training (like tailoring, watch-repairing, book binding, optical-technology etc) and sanction scholarships therefore.

Islamic Education

After successful completion of 3 years course, students are able to write, read and understand the subject matter and competency to read Arabic and Urdu text.

In the beginning it is hard to memorize but with continued motivation and consistency of teachers and students makes it easy. The memorizing requires punctuality, Regularity and good behavior. Apart from the memorizing these students are taking part to learn necessary masail which they may need in their practical life. Our teachers are paying their full attention towards their duty by which the students can be encouraged easily and continuing their memorizing. There are 122 well qualified teachers engaged in the Department to train students. The required infrastructure is made available. The student should possess quality in Nazira reciting.

Tajweed means correct pronunciation of each word. It means proficiency or doing well. It is a long term process to get proficiency and mastery in proper pronouncement. The department was set up to develop the quality of proper recitation. Proper pronouncement is mandatory to recite Quran in its originality. The department is paying special attention towards the subject. We have started the department to impart the fluency in recitation. In this dept_26 teachers are engaged.
Admission: # The students who has sound knowledge of reciting.
# Should posses knowledge of Arabic language.
# Should not be less than 15 years of age.

Historically speaking, the importance of the Arabic language in the Islamic world is of course tied to it being the language of the Quran. Learning Arabic is an extremely important requisite in today's competitive world. The course is for 8 years. The student who completes the course is called an Arabic Scholar. The Department is paying full attention towards quality of Taalim. The library is set up with latest and needy books related to the course.
Admission: # The age of child should not be less than 12 years.
# Should come between 5 to 8 Shawwal.
# The student should possess knowledge of primary Urdu.

Ifta (Jurisprudence) is decision making on the basis of understanding of the Hadith & Quran.Needy people are resolving their problems by consulting our Ifta department. In this department scholars (Muftiyan) answer the questions.

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